Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Amorphous Carbon

Soot is a powder-like form of amorphous carbon. The word "soot" sounds so simple and harmless. In fact, it is anything but simple and is certainly not harmless.... READ MORE

Removal of smoke and soot

Top floors of a high rise condominium suffered severe fire damage. The fire itself had spread out to about 6 floors but smoke travelled well across several unit... READ MORE

Up in smoke

This photo shows the top floor of a 4 story cement condominium that went up in smoke. The apartment that the fire started on the left side of the photo was comp... READ MORE

Smoke-damaged decorative items

Contents Restoration is an important business. It not only helps to restore damaged property, it helps restore people’s lives and livelihoods. While prope... READ MORE

We can restore your soft contents damaged by fire

This little bear went through fire, but we restored it. Insurance companies love our equipment!