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Water Damage Testimonials

Positive: Professionalism

SERVPRO team came to my house packed up 2 bedrooms and living rooms they did a very professional job I had no stress or worries the team worked well together with the packing and moving. They moved my items offsite and returned it promptly. They made sure everything was put back the way it was. I am grateful for the goodwork They did!

Services: Flooring, Water damage-related cleanup & repair

ATTN: Mr. Lorenzo Usam at SERVPRO East Honolulu - 10947

Subject: East Honolulu SERVPRO Services to our home and follow up days to help

Dear Lorenzo,

Thank you so very much for assisting us and being there to aid us in our home water leak dry out.

When I first called you - you guided me through the challenges.

Your entire Team was a great asset to our aid. Your office staff contacted me and followed through. Thank you to Stacy and Dylan for their expert input in drying out our home to include the plastic barriers needed to aid in the drying process.

I also appreciate your recommendation of the plumbers coming to address the water leak - it was a stressful time.

Thank you to your entire organization in coming to our aid. We are grateful

Rating = Mr. Lorenzo Usam at SERVPRO East Honolulu - 10947

provided a 5-STAR / 10 of 10 TOP MOST RATING for services rendered.

We highly recommend SERVPRO East Honolulu for your water damage and restoration needs.

Thank you so very much - Yamamoto Ohana  


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Lorenzo, Mike, Chad, and Hiapo were so helpful, efficient, and professional. Lorenzo went out of his way to meet the first time on a moment’s notice and sent his crew to help move a king size bed and heavy furniture. They even repaired a wheel that was loose on a dresser. Thank you, SERVPRO!

Service: Water damage-related cleanup & repair

I wanted to let you know that the repairs to the bathroom have been completed by JR & his team. JR ensured that the work was done well & showed attention to details that took more time & effort. Additionally, they were courteous, punctual & worked conscientiously throughout the entire project.I am very pleased & satisfied with the repairs that have been done to the walls, bathroom vanity & flooring, and bedroom & living room floors. I couldn't be happier with the way this project has turned out.

Nothing but good things about these guys. Mike and his crew were professional and knowledgeable.  They were in and out and you wouldn't be able to tell anything happened. The office people were efficient and got me scheduled quick.

My washing machine had a leak in the pipe. SERVPRO was able to see me on my schedule and got the job done quick. They made the process effortless. 

As a distressed homeowner who had just surveyed the flood damage to our kitchen, living room carpet, downstairs study and storage room, I was relieved when I read SERVPRO East's motto: "Like it never even happened."

Soon after the emergency plumber shut off the water leaking from a hole in the dishwasher hose and left our house, SERVPRO East arrived on a late Friday afternoon. Within minutes, Lorenzo was riding a dehumidifier as though it were a bucking bronco as it sucked up buckets of water from the living room carpet. When finished, his crew moved in and strategically placed dryers the size of half-refrigerators that whirred away 24/7 for three days.

Water had soaked and caved in part of the ceiling and flowed through an overhead light fixture onto my husband's desk, leaving a puddle in the middle of it. Another humidifier and more dryers whirred away for even more days. Dylan also took a sample of the ceiling and had it tested. Asbestos. That required asbestos abatement. Dylan and his crew also jerked up the laminated wood flooring in the kitchen and had the vinyl covering underneath it tested. More asbestos. Lorenzo arranged for a special company to remove it all--a process that took six hours and banished me from the house so that I didn't breathe any deadly particles.

Before asbestos removal, however, Tracy and a team of super-active young women packed into 55 cartons books from my husband's bookcases; others soon arrived to move out all the furniture.

When finished, Lorenzo arranged contractors to install a new ceiling, paint it and the walls and lay new covering on the kitchen floor. Then Tracy and the same crews arrived to move furniture back in. When they departed, the place looked better than it did before the flood.

Our ice maker overflowed and flooded my kitchen. Since our house is single-wall construction, the water seeped into the master bedroom closet soaking the carpet in front of the closet. I contacted SERVPRO of East Honolulu to do the remediation... dry up my kitchen floors & bedroom carpet. Dylan & Willie showed up as scheduled. They surveyed the damaged areas taking the necessary pictures for an estimate for my insurance. They brought in an air mover for the bedroom & a huge dehumidifier for the kitchen. It took about 5 days for the kitchen floors & bedroom carpet to dry. Everyday Dylan & Willie came to check the wetness of the kitchen floors & bedroom carpet. They  they were reliable, polite & respectful and I appreciated their neat work. We will definitely call on SERVPRO of East Honolulu if we ever need them again.

We can highly recommend SERVPRO East Honolulu with a 5 star rating!  A 2- man team of Dylan and William came in to clean up our category 3 water damage in our bathroom.  They were efficient and professional.  We also called for a consultation and Lorenzo visited us.  He was prompt and helpful.  We feel very confident in using this company and highly recommend this company due to staff and professional experience. Very trustworthy professionals. Mahalo!

Lorenzo and his crew was very fast and available on my schedule. They were reliable and answered all my questions. My tenant's kitchen never looked better thanks to SERVPRO.

Lorenzo and his team were very helpful, attentive, and responsive in helping us resolve water damage in our home. They helped to identify the cause and provided the support we needed. Lorenzo was available 24/7 throughout the process.

SERVPRO and all their contractors were professional and on time. The water heater damage remediation and repairs were within estimates and done correctly. I would recommend this company.

Lorenzo and his team were very thorough and professional. We had a lot of water damage due to an overflowing tub from an upstairs unit to our master bedroom and bathroom that required a lot of remediation and repair. Lorenzo was able to immediately respond to the call with a very detailed estimate and his team followed through exactly as planned. Communication was very easy and efficient. They were really a lifesaver!

Thank you SERVPRO in having a fine and outstanding technician as Dylan. He was most informative and treated me kindly as having my home flooded was a devastating experience. 

The men were very professional in their program of work. After each day of work the area of concern was clean and neat. SERVPRO will always be on our call first list. Mahalo

I came home late one night after work to discover a pool of water in my living room, apparently a pipe burst in my bathroom. Choosing SERVPRO of East Honolulu was a great decision. Lorenzo and his team were able to accommodate me during late hours and got the job done fast and efficient. They were professional and answered all my questions with ease. Highly recommended.

These guys were recommended to me by my insurance company and they were able to come over on the Fourth of July holiday weekend to dry out my kitchen walls, cabinets, and floors after my water heater broke. The dehumidifier and fan were hot and noisy, but they did the job! Thanks!

Very thorough job!

On the evening of April 6 a water supply line in my bathroom broke and water was all over the floor.  I called SERVPRO for advice the next day and Lorenzo came to do an assessment on April 8.  He and his crew set up the equipment to dry my floors in both bathrooms the same day.  He very patiently answered all my questions, assisted me with the procedures dealing with insurance and even set me up with a wonderful contractor.   When I had questions later he answered my texts very quickly.  I am very grateful to him and his company.  One hundred stars

They were awesome!

I was very impressed with the quick response of the SERVPRO East Honolulu staff.  I experienced flooding resulting from a hose that became loose from my washing machine.  The SERVPRO team responded quickly within 45 minutes from when I called on a busy Saturday evening.  Because of the quick response, they were able to contain and minimize the water damage to my condo and neighboring areas. I am grateful to Lorenzo and his team, including the courteous, helpful office staff for their great work with the drying process and making my carpet clean once again.

Lorenzo and Tracy, I sincerely appreciate the professionalism displayed by you and your workers. When the leak occurred, a plumber cut a 12-inch by 12-inch hole on the wall behind my toilet. Now it can be covered, since my unit is all-dry – thanks to SERVPRO of East Honolulu.

Lorenzo and the crew promptly responded to the water flooding in my apartment from my washing machine. They were very helpful and responsive to my questions. Thank you for the beautiful job you did cleaning my carpet. I was very pleased to see that all the stains from the drying equipment were removed. Great job!

Raul, your guys did a fantastic job. Very professional, very timely. They were courteous enough to leave the dehumidifiers with me for some extra drying time, which I really appreciate. Things seem pretty dry. Repair work should be starting soon. And again, thank you for taking such good care of my family.

During this challenging time, SERVPRO team was very helpful with the remediation and explained the process and concerns we had.

Thank you for your help.

The SERVPRO staff was always on time and made an effort to work with us throughout the project.

Very grateful for your rapid response and efficiency.  Mahalo!