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Categories of Water Damage// SERVPRO of East Honolulu

2/1/2023 (Permalink)

Category 3 Water Damage. This is compromised materials that need to be removed immediately. It is showing signs of bacterial growth, and contains contaminates.

There are three different types of water damage that incur, these descriptions are based on the water loss source: where it came from. The most common sources here in East Honolulu are broken water, sewage pipes, defective appliances, storms/hurricanes or structural failures. 

      These disasters can happen to anyone whether it is on personal or commercial property. Understanding what category your water damage is allocated is crucial to understanding our solutions and treatments. 

There are certain steps needed to do the various kinds of water reparations and remediation. 

To understand the full treatment would also mean understanding your flooring and drywall drying status and damage. 

Category One: Clean Water 

This means that the water should not have any contaminants in it nor have ever been used. This kind of water would be found from overflowing sinks or broken pipes. This is the easiest water damage to deal with and poses little life threat. Other than the potential to grow mold if untreated. 

Category Two: Gray Water 

Cat 2 is called gray water because it has been used and carries waste products that are not human feces. This is water that isn’t exposed to animal fecal matter, and would occur in damages from overflowed washing machines and toilet overflows that were not filled with matter. It is more dangerous than category one water and can expose one to diseases and bacteria if consumed and/or touched. 

Category Three: Black Water 

Black water is the most dangerous water category for an organism's health. Category three water is unsanitary water that comes from floods or sewage. This water does possess bacteria fatal to health and equally possible chemical contaminants. 

These colorization of categories may not be accurate to your case of water damage, the color of water itself varies from each personal damage. 

  • Like one may have Cat.3 water damage from a storm, and the water drying is clear; it is still known as black water  because of the possible properties it possesses which are harmful to health. 

It should be equally known that the longer water sits it gains the ability to classify in a higher category. 

  • Water being soaked into your building materials and goods are exposed to the air and bacteria- consequently mold spores. The longer water is on a site the “dirtier” it gets. 

Thus mitigation is integral to preventing dangerous water damage to accrue on your property. 

  • This secondary damage can be seen as anything like musty odors to warped flooring, carpet delimitation or mold growth. 

We aim to save as much as your property as possible, the faster the water is removed-regardless of category- the less damages will occur. Knowing these categories also determines the final treatment of the affected area. 

  • Keeping mold prone ceilings are harmful in the long run especially to your quality of life. 

Removing it as soon as the damage happens saves you money over time. 

SERVPRO of East Honolulu prides itself in creating a service that helps you along the way of the whole restoration process. 

"Like it never even happened."  Call us, 24/7, at (808)395-9545

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